Tamás Kriváchy's academic website Postdoc researcher @ ICFO, Barcelona


I am fascinated by quantum information, machine learning, networks and primarily, the interface of these three. I’m particularly interested in using neural networks for understanding quantum phenomena on networks better.

Currently, I work as an SNSF Postdoc.Mobility fellow in Antonio Acín’s group (QIT group) at ICFO, Castelldefels (Barcelona).


Select publications

A neural network oracle for quantum nonlocality problems in networks; Tamás Kriváchy, Yu Cai, Daniel Cavalcanti, Arash Tavakoli, Nicolas Gisin & Nicolas Brunner, npj Quantum Information 6, 70 (2020)

Single-photon nonlocality in quantum networks; Paolo Abiuso*, Tamás Kriváchy*, Emanuel-Cristian Boghiu, Marc-Olivier Renou, Alejandro Pozas-Kerstjens, and Antonio Acín, PRR 4, L012041 (2022)

Building separable approximations for quantum states via neural network; Antoine Girardin, Nicolas Brunner, Tamás Kriváchy, PRR 4, 023238 (2022)

Tight steering inequalities from generalized entropic uncertainty relations; Tamás Kriváchy, Florian Fröwis, Nicolas Brunner, PRA 98, 062111 (2018)